It’s Time.

” Flowers don’t bloom at high speed and they don’t bloom unless they are planted. “

So, life right now feels like this weird auto ride. You love the wind in your face , but you hate the smoke. You love it when the auto zips through the traffic, but you cringe when it swings and jumps, up and down and side-ways and everywhere! You love the million sounds of the world, but you miss your favourite playlist. You feel amazing when it magically passes through the smallest of lanes no matter how many obstacles – cars, bikes, cute children playing silly games or cows, cats and dogs roaming around like they own the place -are placed generously by the universe , eventhough you are always wondering where the guy is taking you. But then again, all of this is what makes you say “pheww” at the end of it !

I’ve always loved writing, have always had opinions , and have always wanted to blog. But that just never happened inspite of a lot of motivation from my sisters and prompting from my bestfriend. It was just not the time.

Now, I started writing this on the most inspirational evening, sitting on a bench in the most beautiful national park, surrounded by gorgeous peacocks, but having trashed a dozen drafts of my first blog post, I end up with this at 01:06 in the morning, sitting on a couch in my pj’s with all the lights switched off around me. It’s time.

I don’t know where this blog’s going to go , I don’t even know what kind of blog. My heart’s in a million places and my mind’s a kaleidoscope of thoughts. And for now its all about errthing , errthing Β under the sun !


Hii, errbody meet me , Tazbia while I try to keep myself happily insane πŸ˜€

Much love xx



17 thoughts on “It’s Time.

  1. This is a great first post! Perfectly encapsulates what goes on in a new writer’s head, the feeling that everything has to be perfect and hence the myriad drafts :p

    Looking forward to many more posts!
    Love x


  2. What a beautiful person with such beautiful thoughts. Iloveditterribly ❀❀❀❀. Bestfriend be the bestest. ❀


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