Bound by the shackles of life,
the girl went about her day ,without putting up a fight.

Dimming the light within,
she silenced the judging stares
But when the world around her went into a sleepy haze,
she cried rivers, sitting on the stairs.

The river ignited a flick of the candle,
as the ants frisked the fruit over the handle.
And there sat gazing through the tear-glazed eyes,
as the army went hunting out of sight.

Felt a sting here and another there,
before the heat of a red bump overpowered her despair.
She moved her eyes to the culprit in pain,
and smiled when they fell on a soldier breaking the chain.

She wondered what power the ant has,
to cheat the discipline it’s society had.
It chose to come after another prey,
abandoning the pulp that lay in the hay.

Looking into herself through the eyes of the ant,
derived her strength from the little enchant.
The prick had played it’s trick,
turning the light into flames.

As the Sun rose again to the same cityscape,
The girl had chosen to escape.
She became her fiery self again,
Leaving behind the binding lane.

So often we find ourselves letting go of things that nobody approves of, hiding the side of your personality that may be controversial, or maybe it’s in your mind and that perhaps is restricting you!
This Republic Day give yourself the freedom to not be defined by others, to not give into the mold, to let your heart make decisions and your mind be fearless, to live without the chains. It won’t be easy, it won’t be spontaneous but it’ll happen if you make it happen.

Happy republic Day ! πŸ˜€

Illustrated by my very talented sister Sania Sharfunnisa.Β @kohleyedgirl Β 


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